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Ethical design in 2021, new template, and the backstage of top editorials


Take a step towards ethical design

Take a step towards ethical design

Read new essays in our now complete Ethical Issue, a series on responsible design from creators and educators.

It includes: a guide to avoiding dark patterns in your design, practical tips on making an ethical studio profitable, a discussion of ‘relationship-centred practice’, a call for more experimental creative journeys, and a piece on why user-centered design struggles with ethics at the end of the day.

New template for travel editorials

Tell the story of your journey with the help of a new template from Readymag users Driftime Media. Note the skillful use of on-scroll and on-hover animations!

Award-winning stories in the making

Learn how Obys, a celebrated design agency based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, uses Readymag to create internationally-recognized longreads.

WePresent: stories about creativity

In this issue of Bookmarks, Condé Nast College storytelling lecturer Hannah Springett shares WePresent, an editorial platform run by WeTransfer, which tells unexpected stories about creative minds.

‘If you are into interactive content, you need to watch this sizzle. The creative hooks they've used to get users to interact with advertising are just fascinating. From simple hover states and hotspots, to interactive video and gamification. I can lose myself for hours scrolling through beautiful editorial design. Take a look, I'm really sure you will find something!’