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Expanding EV Exploration

Powering up the Rivian Adventure Network.
Adding up to 140 miles of range to a Rivian in just 20 minutes, our first DC fast chargers recently opened in Colorado and California — with many more coming online this summer.
Access to Adventure
Rivian Adventure Network sites power longer road trips on major travel routes and interstates, but they’re also intentionally positioned for access to adventure in wild, uncrowded places.
Matched with Renewables
Every kilowatt-hour the chargers deliver is matched with renewable energy resources from solar and wind.* When you use them to charge an R1T or R1S, you’re helping reduce carbon emissions and create positive, lasting, community-wide impact.
Seamless Connection
We build our DC fast chargers to pair swiftly and seamlessly with Rivian vehicles. The integration of charging hardware and vehicle software means there’s no authentication needed —you just plug in and charging automatically begins.
Trailer Ready
Unlike most chargers, Rivian Adventure Network sites are designed for bigger vehicles, and many locations will offer pull-throughs so you don’t have to maneuver or unhitch your trailer.

Reserve a Rivian with a fully refundable deposit.

*Rivian will provide verification of the volume of renewable energy purchased but cannot at this time provide third party assurance of the matching claims made here.