Zeus Jones


Exploring Joy, Reimagining Resilience


Athena Issue 04: What if choosing joy as our primary duty made us more resilient?

The human capacity for joy is one of our most plentiful, yet underutilized resources. When we pursue joy we seek freedom and abundance. We play, we imagine, we experiment, we learn, and we grow — opening a pathway for adaptive change. Joy brings out the best in us. When we are joyful, we aren't just happy or content, we are radiant, and our joy spreads to others.

It's time to decouple our concept of growth from our idea of productivity and the expectation of endurance through a toxic status quo. Humans grow in all directions, even backwards.

When people can express their humanity, rather than just their productivity, they innovate, celebrate each other, and build the confidence to face whatever comes next on their own terms.

In this issue of Athena Jones we explore the possibilities that open to all of us when joy and resilience collide.