Fall in love (without the risk)


Because spending 5 minutes lying down in a showroom isn't enough

We hated the way people shop for mattresses. Spending 5 minutes lying down in a showroom (with pushy salesmen circling like sharks) isn't a good way to try a very important piece of equipment.

our solution?


here's how it works

place your order online

simply choose your size, and enter your address at checkout.

we ship it to you fast and free

your mattress will arive *in a box*, allowing us to ship in 4 hours in most major cities, and express everywhere else.

unbox and jump in bed

This is the fun part. Follow our easy instructions and watch your bed grow before your eyes. It's the easiest bit of technology you'll ever install.
Sweet dreams!

don't like it? we'll pick it up

If you're in a metro area, we'll come get it for free. If you're further out, you might not qualify (so be sure to check the terms here)

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