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Pineapple Collaborative


Food Styling 101 ✨

If food is how we embody our unique styles, identities, and values, then food styling is where those ideas become praxis. It’s where we creatively engage and play with our food, and where we determine the unspoken rules of food styling aesthetics. And as Chef Elle Simone Scott of America’s Test Kitchen knows, food styling is just plain fun—whether it’s a classic pecan pie or a plate of bolognese.

On September 16, join Pineapple guest host Dani Dillon, founder of Lunch Group, for a conversation with Elle about the art and intention of food styling, both at home and in the media. In collaboration with Chase Sapphire® and Caviar, we’ll discuss industry aesthetic standards as we question what “good food” looks like. Later in the evening, Elle will lead us in a food styling demo so we can learn to compose our own food shots. Our conversation will touch on ways to make food styling your own, and how we can shift media representation of food, people, and cultures from commodification to celebration. 

Thanks to our friends at Sapphire, the first 10 sign-ups will receive a complimentary tin of Pineapple’s The Olive Oil*! Plus, everyone goes home with a promo code for Pineapple’s pantry staples. 

As if that’s not enough, our friends at Caviar are gifting each attendee $15 in credit to spend on the Pineapple x Caviar Women-Powered Collection. Click here for the full list of cities our collection operates in. (If Caviar's not in your city, grab takeout from your fave local women-powered restaurant!)

Here are our top five reasons to sign up:

  1. Food styling demo. Elle will share styling tips and tricks, whether you’re going for clean, commercial, low-fi, or rustic. 
  2. Challenge aesthetic assumptions. We’ll also talk about how we define those looks and how to be intentional and culturally respectful in food styling. 
  3. AMA with professional recipe developer and stylist. Elle has been working in food for years—whether you’re a seasoned blogger or the occasional food ‘grammer, she’s got the answer to your question.
  4. Food as praxis. Outside of the test kitchen, Elle founded SheChef Inc. (a network and mentor group for women chefs of color) and is the host of The Walk-In (a new podcast that considers the reality of "making it" in the culinary industry). Together, we’ll talk food as a site of resilience and community-led activism.
  5. Access to additional food styling lessons. Elle is graciously sending all attendees home with access to additional food styling lesson modules, available on her website.


  • Date: Wednesday, September 16th
  • Location: Zoom
  • Time: 5-6:30pm PDT/8-9:30pm EDT
  • Collaborators we #pinefor: Chase Sapphire & Caviar
  • Cost: $5, $15, $25, or waived fee
  • *If you’re among the first 10 registered attendees, we’ll shoot you an email with details on redeeming Chase’s gift of a free tin of The Olive Oil. Please note that olive oil gifts will not ship until November.
  • This event is pay-what-you-can with suggested pricing tiers — if you aren't able to swing any of the ticket options but would like to attend, send a note to and we'll get you a ticket. All ticket proceeds will go to our panelist.
  • Chase is not responsible for the provision of or failure to provide the stated benefits and services.
  • Graphics and design by Cait Goodman.

We're committing 1% of our annual 2020 revenue to benefit Soul Fire Farm, a BIPOC-centered community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system