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Foreign Policy Design: Memo #5 — FP Summer School


We are super thrilled to announce the launch of our very first Summer School for the public ~ dive straight in for deets ! 👓

P5.js Coding 101 

↳ Kiel D. Mutschelknaus


This masterclass will explore how typography, design, and p5.js can be combined to create generative and interactive work. The basics of p5.js will be covered and students will be able to produce simple, kinetic, interactive pieces. Examples and pieces of Space Type Generator will be shared with participants for them to explore and remix.

Strategies to
Get Unstuck


Designing is great fun, when you have lots of ideas to sketch on and play with. What are the strategies to apply when you don’t? Céline Lamée of Lava Beijing will talk about her own experiences about this and she will share some tactics & tips that anyone could apply easily after this session. 

This session is for young designers or anyone who needs some advice on overcoming creative blocks. There will be a Q&A segment plus a homework assignment given after the session.

In Motion

Experimentation is a fundamental part of bringing design to life through motion and is a crucial starting point when animating visual identities, as it creates an overall sense of pace, character and tone from the outset, while opening the floor to unexpected results. In this workshop we will push an identity to its limits and look to the frames in between for something new and unexpected.

More Than Brand

 Verònica Fuerte (HEY Studio)


Is brand design only applicable for the conventional branding systems and collaterals? During this 2-session masterclass, Verònica will be sharing real life design tips and thought processes that she has gathered since the inception of HEY Studio. Students will be taken through ideas and hands-on exercises and team projects. Veronica will be personally guiding you through the assigned projects. There is a Q&A slot set aside during each session.

Zine Design —
From Idea
to Production

↳ Sasha Fominskaya (LAVA Beijing)


This workshop will cover the entire process of making a design from idea to production. There will be concepts, ideation, naming,  detailed dive into layout techniques and production tips. The classes are organized such that students will have time to work on their assignments to be ready for the next class. A guest speaker, Aaron Fox-Lerner, who is the editor for Open Sesame, will also be sharing from an editorial perspective.

(Almost) Everything About Brand Design

 Yah-Leng Yu (Foreign Policy Design)


This masterclass will cover the basic brand design processes and key components that will make a brand design great and memorable. Yah-Leng will take you through the studio’s processes and best practices in developing a brand design. Materials that will be covered include logos, symbols, brand systems as well as other non-visual components. She will be sharing tips and as well as advisory during Q&A session.

Studio Toolkit :
Getting Clients
to Say 'Yes!' 

 Arthur Chin (Foreign Policy Design)



Have you had to make changes to your design work that you disagreed with? Have you had to pitch your design work to people who aren’t designers and do not seem to understand design? Have you gone through multiple rounds of design edits that you lost count, or no longer know where your design is heading?

In this session, it is a peek under the heavy black curtain into understanding how the world really works and how a good designer can become a great designer.

Designing with
Bilingual Typography
— English x Chinese

This masterclass is organized into 4 major sections of knowledge that will help shed light in effectively using both the Chinese and Latin (English) typography in design.