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Full Disclosure: Our Black Friday Tradition

This time of year, every year, we are reminded of what matters most. Getting out. Exploring more. Sharing our adventures with friends and families. 

While much of the US is shopping for discounts this weekend, we choose to check out: to grab our cameras, get outside, and experience the world, in search of real moments, with the people who matter most. We invite you to do the same. Join us. Get lost. Follow your camera. 

We’ll be back online Monday the 27th with our annual holiday sale. 

From all of us at Moment, thank you for your support!

- Moment

(Erik, Julia, Dani, Jessica, Andrew, Phill, RJ, Amanda, Marc, Vincent, Erica, Brian, David, Ryan, Melissa, Audrey, Kevin, Caleb, Niles, Mel, & Spencer)

The DJI Mobile + Moment Kit Is HERE!

We are thrilled to announce our official counterweight system for the DJI Osmo Mobile. Effortlessly use Moment lenses with your DJI mobile gimbal. Here's a first look at the rig, the amazing footage it creates, and 3 pro tips to get you shooting rad footage in no time.

Top 5 Cinematic Locations to Shoot in San Francisco

Don't miss these unbelievable, secret spots in San Francisco to grab some cinematic footage and gorgeous photos. This guide comes complete, with sample footage, and tips for shooting at each spot.

If You’re Feeling Lazy...

If you’re feeling lazy, you can just watch the SF Locations video here… But really, once you watch this, you’re going to want more info on these spots anyway. It’s all included above. ;)

How To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving (Downloadable Gift Included)

Not only are we hooking you up with a fool-proof guide to hosting the best Friendsgiving ever, but we also included a hidden Easter Egg (wrong holiday, but that’s okay) inside to get you started.

Phillippe’s & Possibly The World’s Happiest Accident 

If you’re like us, the idea of Thanksgiving gets you thinking about one thing, above all others: the GRUB! So here’s a #shotonmoment docu-short about Phillippe’s in Los Angeles, and how they accidentally invented the French Dip Sandwich! 

#Shotonmoment Submissions

Have you been enjoying the #shotonmoment photos from our community? We want to feature yours! Submit your favorite photos you’ve taken with Moment gear or the Moment app here. Make sure you check back to see if we featured you!