Get a competitive edge with Kajabi


In this week’s episode of Kajabi Edge, you’ll hear first-hand insights from top podcaster and Kajabi Hero Alex Ferrari.

Have you heard? We’ve launched a brand new podcast, Kajabi Edge, featuring fresh perspectives from Kajabi Heroes on what’s helping them gain a competitive edge in today’s knowledge economy. 

On this week’s episode of Kajabi Edge, host Jared Loman sits down with Alex Ferrari, author, blogger, speaker, consultant, and host of the Indie Film Hustle Podcast (the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes).

Listen as they cover what it’s like trying to make it in the film industry, starting an online business, adding new offerings (including a brick and mortar shop), and the lessons Alex learned along the way.

This episode is a chance to hear first-hand from a successful Kajabi Hero who wears many hats. It’s packed with actionable strategies you just might want to try yourself. 

Check out the latest episode of the Kajabi Edge: Alex Ferrari (Film Director and Founder of the Indie Film Hustle)

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