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Violet Office


Good Glyphs No.1 ● From Violet Office


A dingbat font created by 32 designers

Made in response to the global health crisis, Good Glyphs No.1is a dingbat font by 32 designers. Created as a small way to give back, raise money, and spread good vibes. Good Glyphs is more than a set of icons, these tiny artworks are here for you to collect, love, and use. Licensed under SIL Open Font License v1.1. The font is available for an optional donation, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

Thank you to all the contributors:

Anthony Picarelli, Becca Abbe, Benjamin Critton, Calvin Waterman, Caroline Ackerman, Caroline David, Diego Funken, James Tae, John Caserta, John Provencher, Johnny Selman, Justin Sloane, Kristian Henson, Luiza Dale, Mark Waterman, Mary Bana, Matt Borgia, Max Ackerman, Michael Boswell, Michael Willis, Mike Kippenhan, Nico Funken, Oliver Shaw, Pablo Rochat, Panny Chayapumh, Rob Engvall, Rosa Aamunkoi, Shawn Carney, Sho Shibuya, Stephanie Specht, Ted Guerrero, Vance Wellenstein