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The Restaurant is a new editorial series powered by Caviar,  in which we (and by “we,” dear reader, we mean local food writers) kick back with the chefs behind your fave spots in Pineapple x Caviar’s Women-Powered Collection. We’re talking “shameless” cooking, chicken and rice legends, and guava pastelitos—ya know, among other things.

By Mayra Mejia

Our latest with DC’s Daniella Senior, featuring Dominican doughnut collabs (Pineapple-guava! Cinnamon-chocolate!), shakshuka-style sofrito eggs, and 1920s-era Cuba.

by Kristin Griffin

“I wanted to open a restaurant, but with just $8,000 in my bank account I couldn’t. So I went on Craigslist and got a kettle corn cart.” — Chef Nong

I mean yeah, who hasn’t?

By Urmila Ramakrishnan

“Even if I'm vegetarian, I freaking can cook a killer chicken.” — Chef Heena

Go off chef! 

  1. Greet autumn (RIP to the summer that never happened) with warm and comforting bites from the Women-Powered Collection on Caviar. We like lumpia (fried spring rolls) and lechon kawali (crispy braised pork) from Purple Patch in DC, nom khao tod (crispy rice salad with pork) from Night + Market Song in LA, samosa chaat from Masala King in Manhattan, and bok choy with king oyster mushrooms from Royal China in Dallas.
  2. Remind yourself that we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, and any service workers are putting themselves at risk to stay employed and to feed you. Whether you’re picking up or ordering delivery, please tip more generously than you ever have before!
  3. Head here to read a post from Pineapple community member Kayla Hoang about feeling un/seen in mainstream food media and representation that puts the culture first.
  4. Cue up the latest project from Nigerian artist Burna Boy. (A favorite of Portland-based vegan Chef Salimatu Amabebe, who we featured in The Pantry a few weeks ago!)
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