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In case you were wondering...

Hey there. Since we’re just getting to
know each other, here’s some fast facts...
or, faqs, about Smalls:

Why does Smalls matter?

Mainstream brands have long prioritized profits over pets. Cats not only deserve better food, they need better food. They hydrate mostly through their meals, so it’s on us to make sure they get the high-moisture, high-protein diets they naturally need to survive and thrive.

Tl;dr, it matters because we want our cats to live long, healthy lives, and this helps that happen.

How does it work?

First, you build a (discounted!) sampler based on what your cats like. After that, you’ll get Smalls delivered every six weeks or so, and you can edit recipe choices or pause your subscription at any time.

What does it cost?

Subscription meal plans start at $2/day each, which totals about $60/month. Our two-week samplers are discounted by 25%, bringing it down to ~$22.50 per cat. We are also always here to help customize plans to meet your personal budget— just reach out.

Will my cat even like it?

We’re willing to bet on it! All of our recipes are meticulously vetted by *real* cats in extensive palette testing for maximum deliciousness. We also get lots of testimonials about super picky cats who used to only eat this or that, and now love Smalls. Transitioning picky cats takes a few days, but it’s well worth it once they do.

Build a Plan

If you’re less cat-curious and more
Smalls-curious, check out our FAQs here!

Did we miss something? Simply reply to
this email or text us at (503) 487-4303 with
any more questions. We’re here to help.