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Introducing Our Newest Juice: Blue Lemonade πŸ’™πŸ‹


We’ve Turned Lemons Into (Blue) Lemonade.

We’ve Turned Lemons Into (Blue) Lemonade.​

Life Gave Us Lemons...

...So We Made (Blue) Lemonade!

We're excited to introduce the newest addition to our juice lineup: Blue Lemonade!

Featuring an invigorating blend of cucumber and lemon, this juice is full of antioxidants to boost immunity and give skin a healthy glow. Blue Lemonade gets its magical colour from spirulina, a superfood that improves gut health and helps boost metabolism.

This cold pressed juice is a great alternative to high-sugar lemonades, with only 1g of sugar per bottle. It’s the perfect low-calorie, hydrating drink to grab post-workout or on-the-go.

Try Blue Lemonade today!