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Introducing Voice Prompts.

Keep it short

Avoid giving a monologue by breaking your recordings into 30 second segments or chapters.

Don’t overthink it

We know, easier said than done. Try distracting yourself by recording while walking, cooking, cleaning, or folding laundry.

Stick to one take

It might be tempting to edit the part where you tripped over a word, but don’t keep re-recording. People want the real you, not the scripted you.

Show your silly and playful side

You’re showing someone what it would be like to go on a date with you, so talk like you would with a friend.

Get creative

Showcase a musical talent, tell a silly dad joke, do an impression, capture the sounds of the neighborhood—the possibilities are endless!

Keep it conversational

Going back and forth with your messages is a great way to suss out your chemistry.