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It's that time of the month

meet Morgs

It’s That Time of the Month, when we put the spotlight on a person with a period in our community to dish on all things menstrual. Here to kick off this new series is Morgan, a member of Team Thinx.

What is your name?
Morgs (she/her)

What do you do at Thinx?

I’m an Analytics Engineer.

What do you crave
when you’re PMS-ing?
I crave french fries, dumplings, and all the salty things!
What are some of your self-care musts during your period?
Sheet face masks, bubble baths, reality TV, and kitty snuggles.

If your period was an emoji, it would be:

🥔 I feel like a potato and I want to eat potatoes, lol.

What is your go-to Thinx style?
I love the Boyshort.️