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Jay Z’s Bike

Handsome USA-made bikes, sneakers built like combat boots, Silicon Valley's fight club, and more... 

Rolling straight outta Chicago, Heritage Bikes  are handsome as hell and fully decked out with plush details like a Velo-Orange saddle and comfortable cork grips. The uncompromising craftsmanship shown in each hand-welded, high-tensile American steel frame won over the guys at GQ while their luxuriously smooth ride has lured Jay-Z outta the backseat of the Maybach and into the bike lane. Chyeah!  SHOP NOW

Meridian Line is a series of soulful tees and prints by our friend, illustrator and all-around mountain man, Jeremy Collins. Jeremy's work has garnered massive, industry-wide acclaim, gracing campaigns by Patagonia and even a National Geographic cover story. Now his next exhibit could be right in your home. SHOP NOW