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Live stream #LitmusLive, email optimization guide, and mobile-friendly trends

The Ultimate Guide to Email Optimization +
Troubleshooting [Ebook]

Get a comprehensive walkthrough of every step of the email creation process, from goal setting to content creation to troubleshooting design quirks and everything in between.

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2016 Mobile-Friendly Email + Landing Page
Trends [Infographic]

We teamed up with Salesforce and Fluent to take a look at the adoption of mobile-friendly websites and email designs over the past year.

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Mobile, webmail + desktop email market share trends for first half of 2016

The first half of 2016 has seen plenty of changes in the email world. Get the inside scoop on what went down for the first half of 2016.

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What is an email conversion?

The definition of a conversion has become more than a little hazy. We turn to five experts to bring some clarity to the issue and to help you avoid conversion inflation.

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Episode 25

A look at absolute positioning in email, fixing white lines in Outlook 2016, and email marketing salaries.

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Episode 26

Explore new table structure and layout techniques and the new beta of Dreamweaver CC.

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Litmus Instant Previews now available in Movable Ink

We’re thrilled to announce that Movable Ink users now have the ability to test their emails directly within their platform, equipping even more email marketers and designers with the resources to start building better email.

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Create and manage dynamic code blocks with Partials

Building emails is hard and time-consuming. That’s why we created Partials, a method for you to create global, dynamic, reusable blocks of code for your emails.

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CSS Inlining in Email: What It Is + How To Do It

Litmus’ Kevin Mandeville walks you through the CSS inlining process from start to finish, defining exactly what inline CSS is, and why it’s essential for creating bulletproof HTML emails that look great everywhere.

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What’s new at Litmus?

Thursday, August 25th at 2pm EDT
Wednesday, August 31st at 11am EDT
Thursday, September 8th at 2pm EDT

Join us as we go over what’s new at Litmus. We’ll show you how to get started testing your emails, as well as a full overview of Builder and Checklist.

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