Made by people who take olive oil very seriously


Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Smiles Davis,

After years of being limited to subpar or expensive olive oils, we decided it was time to change the cooking game with a no BS, fresh, never blended, real EVOO. Insert: Graza. We’re committed to bringing the very best olive oil to the table every time.

To do that, we’ve tasted hundreds of olive oils, designed and redesigned the best bottles, and navigated the crazy world of supply chain logistics. We’re stoked to have you on this journey with us and would love for you to try our Sizzle and Drizzle Duo for just $30 (+ we’ll ship to you free).

We know you’ll love to sizzle and drizzle as much as we do!


Andrew Benin & Allen Dushi
Graza Founders