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Marvin Visions Variable Font Trial


The trial version of Marvin Visions now includes a trial variable font version.

Since the release of the Marvin Visions family, I’ve received a lot of requests to include a variable font version of the font in the trial package. I’m happy to say, that’s now available.

If you’ve downloaded the trial in the past, you can use the same link in the email you received. Otherwise, you can request a new trial on the website.

Marvin Visions in use

Have you noticed Marvin Visions in use in Netflix’s Umbrella Academy for the branding of Griddy’s Doughnuts?

If you want to see more we’ve updated the Visions website with pictures of Visions Issue One. Used on almost every page of the magazine, It’s the best showcase of Marvin Visions' abilities. Take a peek!