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Meet us in the margin

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Hello Smiles Davis,

We’ve missed rounding up the latest design articles and thoughts on the industry and sharing them with you. And so our newsletter is back — and has a brand new look and name. Since our last dispatch, our team introduced our newest product, Notebooks. With Notebooks, design teams can share context, get feedback, document decisions, and drive alignment across the product development process. With what we’ve been learning from design teams using Notebooks and the findings from the State of Design 2021 report — we’re certain that a better design process is possible. Join us at In the Margin to explore how designers work today, what we can improve, and how we can achieve better outcomes.

Alison Harshbarger
Editor, In the Margin 


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In the Margin

From research to exploration and building to outcomes, refining the design process can help us build better products. Explore In the Margin, a resource for all things design process.

Document design milestones with decisions

New updates in Notebooks help you record, contextualize, and highlight all the design decisions you’ve made along the way.


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The Art of Reviewing

Google's Meghan Schofield joins Abstract's co-founder Josh Brewer to discuss how to most effectively run design reviews.

Design your team like you would your product

AMEX VP of Product Design and Research Evan English shares her approach to scaling design teams.

David Hoang says prototyping is about failure

Webflow's Director of Design makes a strong case for a new way to use the prototyping stage: to figure out the wrong turns, not just the right ones.

Fonz Morris answers your user research FAQs

Lead Product Designer at Netflix on how to unearth the design insights you need.

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