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Fortnum & Mason


Mother of Biscuits, Chocolatey Breaker of Diets

Bend the knee to...
The Mighty Chocolossus
Never mind the Game of Scones - if there ever was a Battle of the Biscuits at Fortnum's, then you might place your bets on our Chocolossus. Towering high above its rivals and armoured inside a truly magnificent tin, this biscuit giant slays all who cross its path. In the nicest possible way, of course.

But be warned: the Chocolossus is very chocolatey. You may need a short lie down if you try to eat more than two.

Boozy... Biscuits?
In the 1920s, our love of biscuits could not be confined to just teatime. We had a significant line in wine biscuits - made with wine, and for drinking with wine, sherries, cocktails and spirits. Whether dunking occurred is historically ambiguous.
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