Need a little pick-me-up?


Celebrate your recent wins with Asana

Even small wins deserve celebrating
Take a moment to see all you've accomplished so far this year!
Task completionist
You ticked off 51 tasks. Way to go!
See how work fits together
Start using Timeline to keep work on track.
Your next project is waiting 
Try creating a project to coordinate all of your work in one place. 
There's a template for that
Try using a Template to kickstart your next project.
Make Asana your own
Try adding custom fields to keep track of key details and customize projects to the way you work.
Get a bird's eye view with Portfolios
Start using Portfolios to easily track the progress of multiple projects.
Make every day more delightful
No matter what your team is tackling or where you're working from, we'll be here to cheer you on. Turn on celebrations, hacks, and more in your Asana settings today.
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