Need Some New Summer Activities For Your Kid!?


Our Summer Showcase is here!  🏆

Launch your kid into coding this summer with our virtual Summer Showcase! 🚀

Due to current circumstances, we understand that your summer leagues and activities may look a little different this summer. Our virtual Summer Showcase, held on 6/27, is a great mid-summer event that provides a forum for your kid to show off their new coding skills!

In this online showcase, kids present their very own games, built with coding concepts learned in their weekly 1:1 sessions. The showcase is meant for all skill levels and we award a winner for each age group.

It is a perfect opportunity to not only learn coding concepts, but also expand kid's creativity, learn project management skills, and practice presenting in front of friends, family, and peers.

New coders will need to book their trial by Saturday (5/9), to be eligible for the Summer Showcase. This will give us 7 weeks to build a truly AWESOME game!