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New releases to elevate your next project

The fierce style and infectious attitude of new Musicbed artist, LG, will add energy to any project. Blending hip-hop with electronic sounds, LG's music forces you to move. Listen to the unstoppable sound of 'Put the Work In' to see exactly what we mean.

A modern-day twist on the singer/songwriter, Kazi Jay is perfect for creating uplifting moments.

Jam on to the upbeat melodies and pop/punk-influenced sounds of new artist Charlotte Sands.

Hear the unexpected sound of new artist Pink Laundry's electronic rock, fronted by Judah Akers of Judah and the Lion.

Equal parts smooth R&B and upbeat hip-hop, new artist Sonny OH! creates a sound that makes you move.

Drift into the hazy, electronic sounds of new artist, Londau. A duo which blends hip-hop, lo-fi, and indie genres.

The rich vocals and soulful melodies of Norman’s new EP, “Norman III” are anthemic from start to finish.