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New This Month: Fundraising Fundamentals: Prepare to Meet with Investors

Hi there,

Put your goals in reach with Primer’s brand new set of lessons, Fundraising Fundamentals: Prepare to Meet with Investors.

Which lesson will you take first?

Find Investors to Fund Your Business

Why do businesses choose to seek out investors?
What do investors look for in a business?
How can I find investors for my business?

Develop a Fundraising Strategy Before Meeting with Investors

What does it mean to have a fundraising strategy?
Why is a fundraising strategy important for my business?
How should I develop my fundraising strategy and prepare for investment?

Create a Fundraising Presentation Deck to Share Your Story with Investors

What is a fundraising presentation deck?
How can a presentation deck help my business?
What goes into a good presentation deck?

Next up, we’ll bring you lessons on retail best practices.

Happy learning,
Primer Team