New to using a big camera? Think about your lens, too.


With Sony's stellar line of new lenses, even beginners have the opportunity to make something you’re proud of. Our pros love them and so will you.

Figuring out what specific lens might fit your creative needs can be tricky. There are many abbreviations and variations you have to know about, and the intervals of those focal lengths can differ, too.

Are you looking for a more shallow depth of field? Creamy bokeh? Wider angles to use for vlog shots? We’ve got you covered. Below are our favorite focal length ranges to start with for either video or photo:

  • Extremely compressed.

  • Comes with a higher aperture.

  • Can rapidly zoom in with crisp details; great for nature and wildlife.

  • Best for portraits and details.

  • Perspective of the natural eye.

  • Get dreamy bokeh — shallow depth of field with a blurred background.

  • Convenient for shooting street scenes or top-down flatlays.

  • Works complimentary to slower shutter speeds.

  • Happy-medium compression.

  • Super wide — great for your vlogging arm.

  • Effortlessly capture an entire scene.

  • Document weddings, nature, and architecture where you have to fit large-scale subjects.

Tiffany Nguyen is one of our beloved Pros, and an exceptional landscape and adventure photographer. Her secret? Plenty of lens variations for landscape captures.

She has an entire lesson based on her technical shooting aspects, including which camera setup she has, here. Try it out and leave a review! Plus, it's 25% off right now.