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New Workshop at XXXI: Type Design for Designers

About our workshops:

Learning stuff is great, especially when you’re not in school anymore and maybe you haven’t taken a class in a while. As part of our ongoing focus on providing tools for designers, XXXI is piloting a workshop program for and led by members of the design community. 

We set our classes up with ourselves in mind: affordable, small in-person group environment, and taught by designers. Our hope is to circulate the resources we can provide to each other, at an affordable price and in a setting that’s friendly and collaborative.

Our instructors are professionals from our community (not employees) and they do this because they want to. Your fees pay for their time.

Did you know that a lot of employers will pay for you to take classes? We’ll give you a diploma at the end to prove it.

Do you have a tool you’d like to share with the community? Pitch us your idea for a workshop at