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Nightmare-fuel to ship your pants to ⛴👻


Nightmare-fuel to ship your pants to ⛴👻

It wasn’t just us. In fact there were a total of sixty-five other ships waiting too. I know this because we were the sixty-fifth ship in the queue. Some had been waiting since late June to dock at San Pedro Bay, but we’d barely been there a week. We weren’t even in the official queue yet.

We were just drifting, waiting to get in the line so we could wait some more. We were dead last.

“We’ll make it fun, we always do,” Captain Kip reassured the crew over dinner. Despite our third night of canned tuna and beans, we were optimistic. For one, there was beer and two, we each got to pick one miniature candy bar for dessert.

It wasn’t exactly a dreamy existence, but far far preferable to the nightmare that was to come.