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No more "Quick Brown Fox!"

New from H&Co: No more “Quick Brown Fox!”

Why “the quick brown fox” makes every typeface look dreadful, and what to use instead. Take a peek inside the Universal Font Proof developed by Hoefler&Co — newly open-sourced, and available for everyone to use.

Come see.

New from H&Co: Cesium, with two special offers

A muscular inline defined by its sporty raceway, our new Cesium typeface is sister to the slab-serif Vitesse, and cousin to the sans serif Forza.

$49 from H&Co — or for a limited time, just $19 when purchased with either Vitesse or Forza.

Get Cesium

Curated Font Collections: Type Capsules by Hoefler&Co

Type Capsules are $99 font collections, each containing a versatile set of compatible styles. And each includes $125 in discounts toward larger font families, making Type Capsules the most practical way to build your font library.

Meet the new Foundation, Digital, and Literary Type Capsules from H&Co.

On the Blog: Type Critiques on Twitter

Jonathan Hoefler offers suggestions to designers struggling with letterforms, and shares these observations with everyone on Twitter.

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