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November Creative Newsletter 🦃🍂

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The Design-Thinking Approved Way
To Tell Someone You’re


Whether you say thank you for a job well done with a celebratory Slack emoji or a praising email, expressing gratitude is important. Thanksgiving gives us an annual prompt to express gratitude, but this year’s practice feels even weightier. How can you make sure you tell your team “thanks” in a meaningful way—and not just for this month, but for the excellent work they do year round? Let’s try harnessing the design-thinking process while we brainstorm how to say Thank You.



Stage one of this design-approved approach to gratitude taps into your empathy muscle. You innately know that expressing genuine gratitude to your family or colleagues is a worthwhile experience. Receiving a thank you or a (virtual) pat on the back feels good, right? You may even have felt more motivated to continue doing good work because of it.

No. 2


What roadblocks could be in the way of expressing gratitude if you know that it can create a better workplace, lead to better designs, and improve collaboration?

According to a Zenger/Folkman survey, many employees feel it’s a part of their job to tell their colleagues bad news and correct them when they aren’t meeting expectations, but taking that time to provide positive feedback is optional.

Let’s reframe that thinking: Feedback doesn’t have to fall on a good/bad binary. You don’t need to sugarcoat your assessments, but it does mean honest, genuine compliments can go a long way in balancing out honest critiques.



The Creative Team has set out on a mission to find ways to help make giving thanks a little easier this year. We wanted to find a way for you to send a fun, short personable message to your family and colleagues during this magical season of Thanksgiving. We ideated high and low and after four pumpkin spice lattes we’ve landed on a fun solution we are all really excited about.

 No. 4


To help make those important personal connections, we are launching an online experience to spread empathy and gratitude called the Thank You Machine.

We used Adobe XD to map out the UX, and digitize and iterate on concepts for the UI. We then built a site that gives you a personal message to send this season.

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