[Offer Inside] What's New in Captions - July 2023

Hi Smiles Davis,

Since you last tried Captions, we've been hard at work adding awesome new features.

See below for an exclusive offer for 1 week free of Captions Pro!

  • AI Music - Choose from 67 genres, moods, and themes to generate a royalty-free track.
  • AI Denoise - Remove background noise and echos for studio-quality sound.
  • AI Voiceover - Choose from 9 different voices to narrate your video.
  • AI Zoom - Apply a zoom effect to key parts of your video.

  • Autodub - You can now dub your voice into 8 languages!
  • AI Intro - You can now edit the title of your intro (previously called "AI Title").
  • AI Spotlight - Automatically emphasize keywords to make your video pop (previously called "AI Emphasis").
  • Animated Emojis - In addition to standard emojis, choose from a new list of animated emojis.
  • Mac App - We are currently in a closed beta and will begin inviting customers to the beta shortly. If you'd like to be one of the first to try it, please join our Discord.
  • Feature Requests - Please visit to request a new feature or vote on an existing request.
  • Live Events - Please join our Discord and check the "Events" section for upcoming live streams, trainings, and webinars.