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It's All About Segments

There are two eras of endurance sport history: before segments, and after. Now that you've uploaded an activity, hopefully you can see a few for yourself. Segments are popular stretches of road or trail, highlighted by a Strava athlete like you. Once a segment is created, anyone who has run there before can see how they rank against their previous attempts, their friends' efforts, or any attempt by a Strava athlete.

Segments can make any run a competition, whether you're with a huge group or by yourself, whether you want to beat your buddy's time or just top your best time and earn a new PR. View your latest activity to see which segments you've already completed. Mess around with the leaderboards for a few minutes and you'll be hooked.

Live Segments

Caught the segment fever already? Then try Live Segments. Your phone and GPS device can show your real-time performance on your favorite segments, so you'll know exactly what it takes to get that PR. Premium athletes get access to all our best features, including Live Segments.