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Don't you just love Mondays? It's the best day of the week, don't you think? There's a whole new week in front of you. Waiting for you to be awesome! Let's start...

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Weekly theme: Smoke

This time we tried something different. On Friday we asked you to choose the next weekly theme for us. You were voting on Facebook with reactions and on Instagram with comments. Voting lasted one day. Smoke won 17:12. I think it went really well. We'll have another voting next Friday.

Last week's blog posts

We've been working on some really cool content for our blog. We're always open for suggestions, so if you want to read something specific on our blog, or you want to write something yourself, let us know - simply reply to this email.

Quick Review of Oliur’s Guide to Photography  

Quick Review of Oliur’s Guide to Photography

Oliur just released his first ever ebook - Guide to Photography and few days ago I had a chance to finally read it.

How to get on photographer's nerves with one sentence  

Dumb things non-photographers say

Once you get really hooked on photography you'll start to notice other people don't really get it. But that doesn't stop them from making comments...

Tips from professional photographers #4  

Tips from professional photographers #4

Every week we ask professional photographers about their careers, experience, gear and their technique. Every friday we publish tips from three pros.

Last week in photography #4  

Last week in photography #4

"Last week in photography" is a curated round up of photography news, gear announcements, reviews and gossip that happened last week.

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