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Our Containers issue is out now!

How can engineering teams leverage the portability, consistency, and velocity benefits of containers to do their best work? How do organizations approach container testing, deployment, and monitoring at scale? Do containers have a role to play in reducing a company's carbon footprint?

This issue of Increment examines how developers can harness containers to build more flexible, resilient, and scalable systems. We share functional approaches to container compliance, observability, and migration, and explorations of the panoramic possibilities of the container ecosystem.

A primer on containers
Nočnica Fee explores core technologies, the engineering needs they’re best suited to serve, and possibilities for the containerized future.

Containers in the keep
Liz Rice explains how the multilayered practice of defense in depth can help protect containers—not unlike the fortifications of a medieval castle.

Leadership as migration strategy
Tramale Turner offers people-centered considerations for teams discussing a container migration, and the leaders supporting them.

How to cloud native
Michael Hausenblas discusses the upsides and challenges of leveraging open source and open specifications in your cloud migration strategy.

Interview: Joe Beda
Glenn Fleishman speaks with the Kubernetes co-creator about the project’s origins and evolution and the role community plays in pushing it forward.

Our new Instagram account will share stories at the intersection of design and technical storytelling, spotlighting the artists who complement Increment’s articles with singular, surprising, and delightful illustrations. The inaugural post delves into the cover design for the Containers issue.