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PALM REPORT #002 ☼ An Infamous Mullet • Summer Lovers • The Range Rover of Dreams

With tasting notes of colourful rebellion, Balearic heat and glamour, an unabashedness to be oneself, eccentric homes from far and wide, the internet’s hottest brands and naturally, coveted vehicles. Infused with rum and pineapple, coconut, vanilla and orange. At the recommendation of Pikes Ibiza — best sipped poolside.

The good life beckons once more!

“Wearing the clothes, and doing all the things that feel good to me, is all a part of me performing better,” Agassi revealed in a 1991 interview

Emerging on the tennis scene almost three decades ago, Agassi quickly rose to notoriety and success despite openly exuding his irreverence for the sport, thrust upon him by his father. 

Though he holds a host of accolades including a World No.1 ranking in 1995 in addition to winning 8 singles titles, his contrarian nature and bold and bright court style dubbed him as tennis' beloved bad boy.

With monikers of neon colours, bandanas and an infamous mullet, Agassi's tennis ensembles have remained ripe inspiration in consequent years, with even the late Virgil Abloh declaring, “He impacted me and what I thought about sports and Nikes. He was wearing denim shorts with neon biker shorts underneath. He had attitude and style.” 

Was this all part of a detailed plan?

Not quite. 

In a 1995 L.A. Times article, Agassi was described as an "accidental icon" and "fashion savant". When questioned in a more recent interview (and very much worth the read), Agassi laughs. 

"Wow, that’s kind of a backhanded compliment. But everything I did in 1995 was an accident. I was very accident-prone. I stumbled into one hell of a life. So, I think that it was a fair comment. 

A lot of people at the time thought I was expressing myself, but I was really exploring myself. And I wasn’t scared to take people along for that ride. If it meant something greater in a certain industry, it was definitely by accident.

From a psychological perspective at the time, I was in a constant rebellion in my life. I rebelled against a lot of things, one of them being the dress code in tennis."

“I think you should have freedom to express what you feel. Wearing colours is what tennis needs. It adds a little something. Without colours, I’d still be me, but I’d be more boring.”

— Andre Agassi in response to organisers' wardrobe criticism


Where else to be during the height of summer than the White Island? Or, more specifically, at our upcoming party on 30th June hosted at the infamous Pikes Ibiza with Chicago house icon Derrick Carter.

Opened by Tony Pike in 1978, having transformed a nearly uninhabitable plot of land due to a language mix-up, Pikes Hotel swiftly became a mega-favourite amongst music elite like Grace Jones and Freddie Mercury. To this day, it remains one of the few places that still embodies the authentic, carefree and hedonistic spirit of the Balearic island.

A quintessentially Poolsuite destination imbued with history and legend in the sweltering air, we'll be taking over the hotel grounds with DJ sets inside the club room "Freddies", named after Freddie Mercury's hotel suite, since aptly converted into an intimate club room.

Request to attend here. Poolsuite NFT holders are guaranteed guestlist by applying before 28th June at 7PM BST.

We dearly hope to see you.

N.b. Palm Report 002 is named after the classic poolside cocktail “Club Tropicana” which originated at Pikes Hotel. The cocktail emerged as an ode to Wham’s hit song Club Tropicana, where Pikes Hotel played host to the playful music video. Tony himself even cameo’d alongside George Michael, putting the Balearic hotel firmly on the map as one of Europe’s hottest destinations for decades to come.

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