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Athletic Brewing


Rainbow Wall IPA is Back! 🌈

Restocked and ready to fill up your glass is Rainbow Wall. This slightly hazy, highly citrusy, clean and crisp Blood Orange IPA is skyscraping with flavor and back for a limited time. Named after one of the most iconic climbing routes in Red Rock Canyon, Rainbow Wall is a stunning symbol of beauty, strength, and perseverance in the face of challenge.

A Pledge to Progress

We celebrate Pride Month every month, so let's toast Rainbow Wall to the entire LGBTQIA+ community. To support this back in stock boasting with blood orange, we’re partnering with non-profits who celebrate inclusivity, unity, respect, and community. 100% of Rainbow Wall’s profits will go to the OUT Foundation, Athlete Ally, and other impact programs as we work side-by-side to create safe spaces within sports for the LGBTQIA+ community.

About the

The OUT Foundation removes the barriers that block LGBTQIA+ individuals' access and participation in fitness, health, and wellness to ensure their success.

Athlete Ally is a national non-profit championing LGBTQIA+ equality in sports. With their efforts to celebrate and support, they continue to help the LGBTQIA+ community.