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October 2019
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Hi Really Good Emails,
It’s October, which means it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season (if that’s your thing), and we hope it’s off to a fantastic start. We’ve got a few awesome updates that make uploading content, filtering comments and public subscriber counts better, so without further ado…
New uploads flow in Studio
The uploads flow in YouTube Studio for desktop got a sleek, beta update to make uploading easier. We made sure to add a guided experience to help you transition and understand what’s required, optional and recommended.
More filters to manage comments
Manage and quickly identify the comments you want to engage with the most with new comment filters. Find questions, unresponded comments and more!
Abbreviated subscriber count
We heard a lot of feedback from the community following our announcement in May and wanted to share more about why we’re making the change. Beyond creating more consistency, this addresses creator concerns about stress and wellbeing, specifically around tracking public subscriber counts in real time. We hope this helps all creators focus on telling their story, and experience less pressure about the numbers.
Likes in Stories 👍
Viewers can now like your Stories! It’s a fun and easy way to react to content as a fan. Creators get valuable feedback and like counts won’t be shown to viewers. It’s just another way to give and feel the love!
Learn a new skill
Get ready to pump up your channel with the help of our boot camp classes. It’s easy – just pick your course and you’ll be flexing your new YouTube powers in no time.
Matt Benedetto is a product designer who likes to design, invent, and build products using 3D printer. He finds joy in creating unnecessary products that are useless in real life. He likes to think out of the box and create some weird product designs. Check out his video to see how he creates unnecessary products, such as crocs gloves for your hands.
Stay inspired,
Team YouTube
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