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Remember adding this to your cart, Smiles Davis?

Follow along over here to see the anatomy of an abandoned cart email!

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Wow , you did an amazing job of adding something to your cart, then abandoning it! Totally acceptable to do online, but we don’t recommend doing so in an actual’ll get a few looks from the workers.

In the real world, email is an awesome way to entice cart abandoners to buy what they've left behind. With an email like this, your one true mission is to get that cart abandoner back to your website. And since offers can help, here’s free shipping, just for you!

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Now click on this excessively large button to complete your order:

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or if you’d like to continue on our abandoned cart nurture series, click here:

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Our physical address is here for compliance, not because our relationship is getting serious or anything.

emfluence, llc
1720 Wyandotte St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

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