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Life Elements


SALE: The Two Originals

This week, we celebrate where it all began. We're offering 15% off the Healing Honey items.


Life Elements was founded on the appreciation of nature-based ingredients and it evolved with Martha’s love for bees. Each Life Elements product you use today has history in these original formulas. 

  • Healing Honey Stick: The first best-seller we ever had. The Healing Honey Stick boasts all kinds of bee-benefits. Use on everything from sunburn to acne to dry skin to bug bites. 
  • Healing Honey Body Oil: No CBD, no problem. The Healing Honey Body Oil gets rave reviews for transforming skin and soothing irritation. 

In honor of the Healing Honey Sale, please enjoy this short and beautiful video about the origins of the Healing Honey Stick.

🐝 ✨

Honey has incredible natural powers that can help heal skin, but it's even more powerful when it's combined with the additional bee byproducts such as royal jelly and propolis. If you're intrigued by the magic, check out the blog: Three Benefits of Honey For Skincare.