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See you later, 2020

Grab your spoon and dig into The Grid

A place to gather some of the things that have brightened our days and enlivened our minds – we hope they’ll do the same to yours. Get a drag of mind-blowing designs, sick websites and groovy beats to craft cool stuff of your own.

Our Windmills Case Study’s been nominated on CSSDA

Last year we made a project about using sound to generate power. Then we made a case study of the project, combining screenshots and videos with a series of photographs. The case study was kind of a project in its own right – and now it’s on CSS Design Awards.

Presenting a New Animated Video for a Classic Holiday Anthem

In 2010, RollingStone put Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” #1 entry on their list of The Greatest Rock and Roll Christmas Songs. This winter the song got animated – thanks to the combined efforts of Sony Music, Chrisitna Moreland and Zajno.