Signing off for now 👋


Catch you in the new year

Hear, hear to a time of awaited growth and resounding resilience.

2021 brought challenges as well as triumphs. Roses as well as thorns. And while it’s natural to fixate on what didn’t go as planned, we’ve definitively decided to focus on the good. Because it does exist, and kindness does drive everything we do, day in and day out. 

We’ve always believed that good gifting works. And that at the heart of every transaction, the human experience should not only be prioritised but celebrated. How lucky we are to reach customers all around the globe with something as simple as a hand-thrown mug or cotton throw. It’s a reality we never take for granted, and an act we feel changes the trajectory of better business behaviour. 

To our clients, suppliers, investors and customers, we deeply value your extraordinary partnerships. To those we have yet to meet, we look forward to the day you recieve your first gift powered by &Open. 

May these next few days be merry, bright, wonderous and curious. We’ll speak again in 2022. 

Take care,
Team &Open

Some festive fine print

For when you’re warmed by a roaring fire and cosied up with your favourite woolly garment.