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SimilarWeb Product Updates for 2015

2016 is underway!

It’s the perfect time to quickly review some of the exciting updates we’ve released in the past year.

Here’s a quick recap of 2015’s feature releases on SimilarWeb PRO that will help you plan for the year ahead.

The world is going mobile, and so is SimilarWeb!

We launched App Analysis so you can view valuable metrics for any mobile app, cementing SimilarWeb as a fully cross-platform solution.

Alerts makes sure you never miss important updates about the sites you want to follow regularly – always keeping you one step ahead when planning your online strategy.

We’ve added 27 countries to the App Engagement and Mobile Web sections, providing you with cross-device data for more markets around the world.

As the world moves to mobile, it’s essential to analyze both mobile and desktop sources.

SimilarWeb now offers mobile web data for traffic and engagement metrics, popular pages and subdomains.


SimilarWeb’s Customizable Dashboards will let you position multiple metrics on a single page, giving you a complete overview of the websites and mobile apps you want to track daily.

Can't wait to start playing with our new features?