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Spring Prep

Springtime thoughts on sustainability from Janet's Bimble Garden

It is finally time to let the hands-on gardener who was  resting for Winter  think ahead a bit and plan for Spring and Summer as the snow melts and the garden begins to wake up again. And, having tried not to go to sleep myself for the winter, I collected many seed catalogs and when time allowed, took notes in them  watching them pile up since Christmas. I  plow through them getting absorbed by the beautifully curated varieties of seeds and plants that aficionados devote their lives toward developing and perfecting for all to enjoy.  It's always good to immerse yourself in something that brings you joy, without interruption. So I would sit by the fire with my favorite drink (a Bimble of course) and begin to take notes.

The challenge is in editing what might not work. Do I really need three varieties of beets or four colors of cauliflower? All the lettuce varieties out there could easily fill a book on its own. Luckily, I have my group of gardening friends that I share seed varieties with to allow for more choices, and since we all live in different zones, I get to see how the plants and gardens react to the varying conditions. And of course my garden can only hold so much in its modest size.

But it is so much fun to learn about all the varieties of plants you can grow yourself from seed. And the rewards of gardening are that not only do you get to eat and share your food and flowers with others, you provide the pollinators with their sources of food as well to help sustain our precious earth.

The bottom line is that gardening is an ongoing learning experience for me, nourishing both my brain and body. And by sharing what I learn and grow with others, my knowledge base grows continuously.

And that is the most sustainable garden I could ever hope to have.

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