Still owed money? Find out with the new invoices graph

December is a great time to reflect on everything your business has accomplished this year. Now, thanks to the new invoices summary it’s easy to see how much you made in 2015. 

The graph gives you a quick bird’s-eye view of how much money has come in and how much you’re still owed. Plus new search and filter functions and a tab that puts open invoices at your fingertips make it a snap to manage the money coming in.  

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Harvest for iPhone: Redesigned for Speed

Harvest’s new iPhone app offers a better mobile experience than ever before. We’ve simplified navigation and improved the design to make tracking time and expenses faster than ever. Learn more about the update or download the app.

Zoom Out Takes Forecast to a Whole New Level

Forecast makes it easy to schedule your team on multiple projects. Now with the new zoom out feature you can see up to three months of your project calendar at a single glance. Learn more about zoom out or try Forecast free.

How an Agency Improved Its Business with Harvest

Time tracking gives you the info you need to make intelligent decisions about your business. Learn how digital marketing agency Bonafide identified their ideal client and updated their pricing using Harvest.
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Refer a Friend

Spread the Harvest cheer this holiday season and refer a friend. You’ll both get a $10 credit.

Harvest Tip: Update Rates

Adjusting your billing rates for 2016? Don’t forget to update rates in Harvest at the end of the year.