Stop Asian Hate

We’re partnering with, and making donations to, organizations dedicated to combating anti-Asian crimes and incidents. 

Visit Hollaback to learn what to do when you see someone being harassed. The simple act of reporting anti-Asian crime gets cases documented and helps communities know where to deploy resources. 

  Stop AAPI Hate has resources on how to stand up to the increase in anti-Asian racism since the pandemic. Please donate if you can. 

We’ll continue to support our employees, customers, restaurant owners, community leaders, and fleet on this pressing issue.

It's incredible—and incredibly frustrating—that we still need to make this very basic point: Racism is wrong. 

Even if we are just a “delivery app.” 

The truth is, there are people who work at Postmates—people writing this—who care about these issues deeply. Real-life humans who also happen to be Asian Americans. 

We are proud of who we are.
We denounce hate.
We know we can all do better.