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How collaboration keeps remote teams connected.

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In the last year, you’ve probably had to adapt to new ways of living and working. Maybe you became a video conferencing expert or perfected your at-home workout routine. No matter what your work-from-home situation looks like, one thing we’ve all learned to do is collaborate with remote team members.

As we approach one year of working remotely, we wanted to take a look back and share some ways teams around the world have collaborated effectively. Then, scroll down for some new Asana features to keep your remote team even more connected.

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“Re-evaluate your relationship with notifications. There is no reason your device should dictate where your energy goes. Turn them all off, then ask which ones you really need in order to function properly during the day.”

Dr. Sahar Yousef
Cognitive Neuroscientist, UC Berkeley

How Hope for Haiti’s teams collaborate while remote

When COVID-19 hit, Hope for Haiti’s history of working in emergencies made them uniquely qualified to respond to the disaster. Learn how the US and Haitian teams remotely coordinated and led the relief process in Haiti with Asana.

Maximize your collaboration skills to unlock great work

Collaboration is the backbone of connected remote teams. With these 10 tips you can set yourself—and your team—up for success.

New connection and collaboration features

Help your team gain clarity and context while remote using these brand-new features. Click to learn more about Project Overview, Project Brief, Messages, and more.

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