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One Design Company


*That email noise* You’ve got mail..and it’s good!

Featured Project: FleetGuide

From storyboards to writing to illustration, we crafted a video that succinctly outlines the key features and benefits of the FleetGuide system—an affordable LIDAR-based vehicle safety monitoring system for large industrial fleets based in San Francisco.

Credit: Pentagram

All of us should be made fun of

“We value a push notification of a presidential impeachment as much as a push notification of our next haircut...We have piles of books that were easier to order on Amazon than they are to read. We bin 75 painful selfies for each effortless Instagram post. We can’t be comfortable with ourselves until our therapists give us permission.” We’re a living, breathing comedy. It’s time for brands to laugh at (or even with) us.

Credit: Anatole Couteau

Nothin’ quite like some clean communication

Couteu’s on a quest to practice type design just as much as he does graphic design and coding. Although he prides himself on being a highly technical designer, he’s equally exploratory—his in-progress font Liszt is “sort of” inspired by the stone engraving found around Franz Lizst’s grave. Spooky-cool.

Credit: Illustration by Unshaven Comics/Courtesy of Village of Homewood

Damn Homewood—call us out

What would get you to move out of the city? And to Homewood, specifically? Well. This south suburb is convinced some millennial-mocking, finger-pointing memes will do the trick...and they’re probably not wrong.

Credit: Wired/Getty Images

Ethical algorithms, please

When “a disinformation research project [leads] you to a Pinterest board of anti-Islamic memes [morphs your feed] into a mish-mash of videos of Dinesh D’Souza, a controversial right-wing commentator, and Russian-language craft projects,” Renee Diresta asks—how can we build better recommendation engines?

Credit: Nike

A stress ball, pillow runner? Okay Nike

Nowadays, you can’t just up and buy shoes without a truly interactive experience coming into play. Springs on top of bouncy balls? Flamingos on top of soap bubbles? Ten bucks that you'll pop out of this newsletter and spend way too much time building your React Runner.

Credit: American Readers At Home

How do you consume the news?

Through compelling documentary photography and investigative Q&As, Ludovick Balland traveled 13,000 miles across the States to create American Readers At Home—a collection of visual and written narratives that capture a nation pre-and-post the 2016 presidential election. we go.