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The 7: Mail will get slower this month; how global elite hide their riches; Tom Brady’s very good day; and more

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Good morning. It’s Monday, Oct. 4, and I still need to watch “Squid Games.” Let’s get you caught up in the next three minutes.

A trove of secret files has exposed a system used by the elite to hide billions of dollars.
  • What’s the offshore system? When wealthy people set up accounts in other countries to stash things like yachts, planes, mansions and cash, hiding them from taxes and investigations.
  • Where’s the money going? Documents shared with The Post and partners show South Dakota, Delaware and other states now rival tax havens in Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Why it matters: These accounts used by billionaires and world leaders often can cost countries trillions in lost taxes, worsen inequality and protect people accused of wrongdoing.
The Supreme Court’s next term starts today.
  • What to expect: The potential for a lot of controversy. Abortion, guns and religious rights cases are on the agenda, and the court itself is under a microscope.
  • The most high-profile issue: Abortion. The justices will hear the most serious challenge to Roe v. Wade in decades on Dec. 1.
  • The makeup of the court: Six right-leaning justices and three left-leaning ones.
Trump’s advisers talked him out of announcing a 2024 run for president — for now.
  • The former president began talking about it in August, but advisers urged patience, according to our reporting.
  • Meanwhile, he’s settled on a wink-and-nod strategy, traveling the country for rallies and raising money with the same aggressive online tactics as his past campaigns.
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Dead birds, fish and oil are washing up on California beaches after an oil spill.
  • What happened: More than 120,000 gallons of oil leaked from a rig a few miles off Huntington Beach and Newport Beach this weekend. Officials haven’t confirmed yet that the leak has been stopped.
  • The full impact won’t be known for a while, but officials are warning of “an environmental catastrophe.”
Your mail will start getting slower this month.
  • What’s happening: The U.S. Postal Service is making delivery changes (part of cost-saving measures), and they affect states west of the Rockies and places on the edge of the country, including South Texas and Florida, most.
  • What does it mean for you? Check your Zip code with our helpful, interactive graphic.
  • Prices are also rising: Priority mail will cost $5 more this holiday season, for example, along with other increases.
Tom Brady had a great day yesterday.
  • What happened? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB returned to New England to play his former team and beat the Patriots 19-17.
  • Brady also became the NFL’s career leader in passing yards and joined Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning as the only quarterbacks to beat all 32 NFL teams. NBD.
  • Another key takeaway from NFL Week 4: The Arizona Cardinals are the only still-undefeated team this season.
People can’t stop talking about Netflix’s “Squid Game.”
  • What is it? A South Korean dystopian thriller where hundreds of people compete in children’s games for $38 million in prize money. The twist: Losing contestants are killed.
  • What sets the show apart? The way it unpacks class and inequality and offers a haunting microcosm of real life, our reviewer says.

You’re all caught up. See you tomorrow.

But before you go … the Nobel Prizes are being awarded this week, starting with the Nobel in medicine today and leading up to the peace prize on Friday. Also, it’s a Monday, and we’re all probably a little tired, so here are some tips for good sleep, according to the experts.

(Jordan Robertson for The Post)

(Jordan Robertson for The Post)

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