Media Evolution


The Conference Livestream


Tomorrow at 9:30 AM CEST - We go live! 

Lock the door, get some snacks and watch the entire conference live - or -gather your colleagues and watch it together - or - just cherry pick a session or two. You decide, we just wanted to remind you that all talks will be live streamed. And if you forget about it, or have other plans -> every single talk will end up in our video archive so that you can watch it later. 

A couple of weeks ago past speaker An Xiao Mina got in touch and came with the GREAT idea that we should have a Translation Lab. Said and done. For The Conference 2016 we've partnered up with Meedan and three local translators to make #theconf more accessible to Arabic speaking communities. Tweets from The Conference will be translated into Arabic at our new Twitter account Theconfmalmo_AR.