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Canadian Red Cross


This is home: Six years since Syria Crisis began

Canadian Red Cross

A weekend escape

"This is home."

In October 2016, the Canadian Red Cross helped bring a group of Syrian refugee teenagers to the Tim Horton Children's Camp in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The camping weekend was a unique and rewarding escape for 90 newcomers to this country. It was their chance to learn more about becoming Canadians while at the same time celebrating their own Syrian culture and heritage.

It was a weekend they’ll never forget. 

Syria: 6 Year Crisis

Syria: 6 Years of Crisis

When the Syria Crisis began in 2011, no one expected it to continue for so long, or have such far-reaching impact. It has brought suffering on millions of people and continues to get worse. 

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Protecting the Vulnerable

Protecting the Vulnerable

“In the midst of conflict, humanity is too often abandoned. But in the midst of conflict, there is also hope, immense compassion and solidarity, which makes it possible to imagine and work towards a different era.”

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Get Involved

Get Involved

The scale of the Syria Crisis is greater than anything the Red Cross and Red Crescent has faced in the last 15 years. We must do more. With your help, we can. Support the Syria Crisis Fund today.

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“Opening our country to newcomers is the greatest way to help kids from all over the world to just be kids.”

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