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Turning Black Friday Green


2x the discounts, 2x the donations to Cool Earth. ����

Hello Smiles Davis,

This Black Friday we're taking the opportunity to shout about and support the mighty Cool Earth, helping them to manage, protect and restore rainforests, by doubling our donations.

So between now and midnight on December 2nd, you can enjoy 10% off selected spots on our adventures, including some of our brand new ones, and for every booking made in that period, we'll double our usual donation towards the protection of rainforest trees. These are the trees we need the most.

Why Cool Earth? Oh, so many reasons...

Cool Earth is paving the future of rainforest protection, where everyone can make a difference to climate change. Saving the rainforest is by no means a new idea, managing to affect actual change is. 

As ever, if you want to boost your donation to Cool Earth to save even more of our planet's rainforests, you can do so at checkout. 

As ever, if you need help planning your next big, mini or last minute adventure, feel free to hit reply or give us a ring on (+44) 020 0333 1176 if you're in Blighty, or (+1) 1844-463-9101 if you're State-side.

See you on one soon!

From Alex, Sam, Guy and the Much Better Team

What's so Much Better about our Adventures? 

All our award-winning trips are carefully designed to help you maximise your time off, whether it's a quick weekend or a longer escape. We invite brilliant certified local guides to host them and we're so confident your trip will be the best yet that we actually guarantee it. Oh, and when you book, we donate 5% of revenue to our Foundation, which is all about supporting the conservation of our planet's wildest places